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Hello River Parishes
____Hey Folks give this a try
________Hey Folks give this a try again
Book may inspire confidence in kids today, says stylist-turned-author: They are 'capable of anything'//
____Writing can help kids to process
{nola} 'Lying and misleading the American people': Garret Graves says GOP must tune out extremists
____The GOP is controlled by the extreme right. Most GOP leaders din't have the courage to stand up to them in order to do the right thing for the country.
{FOX} Why America’s kids are hip to BLM and LGBT but are failing ABC and 123//
____The problem is not kids being hip to BLM and LGBT. The same people who bemoan wokeness cheer when teacher salaries are cut and books are banned. If you want all kids educated invest in the educational system.
{wwltv} Cold and windy forecast for Monday night parades, then sunny and cool for Mardi Gras
{CNN} Log in to your CNN account
{nola} Here's how to celebrate Fat Tuesday like a local in New Orleans: parades, costume parties, more
{nola} Golf carts are on the rise in the French Quarter and CBD. But maybe not for long.
{nola} What does Bourbon Street look like during Mardi Gras? Here's the view from New Orleans.
{nola} Aide to Jeff Landry worked for research center that would benefit from Blue Cross sale
{nola} Super Bowl spotlight turning to New Orleans as 2025 host city
{nola} Photos: Krewe of Queer Beans officially parades for the first time
{nola} Photos: Zulu and Argus Kings and Queens meet in Kenner during the annual Lundi Gras festivities
{CNN} She arranged a date with a guy she met on a plane. When he didn’t show, she unexpectedly met her future husband
{nola} NOPD takes 'immediate action' after officer shoved student at Mardi Gras parade
{CNN} Worried about how safe it is to fly? Here’s what the experts have to say
{FOX} Opera star Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez Smith has died at 75 in Kentucky//
{nola} Kendall Jenner visited three SEC colleges and poured tequila shots. Will LSU be next?
{nola} Queer Beans, a new LGBTQ+ Mardi Gras parade, debuted Monday
{FOX} Big Brother is watching in Big Apple with sneaky new plan to spy on drivers, charge them//
{FOX} Nashville event to host pro-life advocate on fatherlessness in America, 'the most ignored crisis by the Left'//
{FOX} Robert Downey Jr. admits he was fired from shoe store job after two weeks for 'sticky fingers'//
{FOX} How to protect your online privacy, security with VPN while using hotspot//
{FOX} New Terms of Use//
{FOX} Wild video shows driver hop curb in stolen car, narrowly miss running down woman and her dog: police//